Materials & Care


All RILLP Design products are made by hand. While some commercially available moulds are used, Rill also makes her own moulds using master pieces that are made from vintage pieces, clay or plasticine; moulds are then hand cast using these masters, and then taken out of the mould by hand,  sanded and polished.  You may therefore see some small individual variation in shape and sometimes colour in the pieces.

Resin is a strong material, however, can be fragile against hard surfaces, such as concrete, slate, steel, and wood. Please be careful not to knock or drop your RILLP Design piece against these surfaces.

Over time,  your resin piece may lose its sheen. The pieces’ original sheen can be restored by rubbing a baby oil, a natural oil, or even a moisturizer such as Sorbolene, and then rubbing with dry cloth. Maintain sheen on a longer term basis by rubbing a few drops of oil every now and then.

If your resin piece becomes dirty (which will occur primarily with the white resin pieces), simply wash with gumption or dishwash. Resin is sturdy and washing it with these materials will not affect it.

Like many materials, certain colours in resin may change overtime.  This is a characteristic of the product and lets your piece develop an individual patina as it ages.

Happy wearing and please contact us with any feedback or product suggestions!

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