Welcome to RILLP Design


Soldier, Chef, Indigenous Drug Counsellor, Artist!

The colourful life of Rill Spencer, the artist behind RILLP Designs, is expressed in her eclectic resin designs. In 2013 RILLP Design evolved from the desire to fulfil a creative passion which had been brewing below the surface of more controlled pursuits.

Drawing inspiration from her life experiences and the desire for freedom from restraint, Rill creates one of a kind resin pieces. Her work is also influenced by her local environment at Peregian and incorporates the colours of her surroundings; whether it is the native flora, the ever-changing shoreline or the vibrant locals.

All her pieces are individually handcrafted. She desires to create pieces that reflect uniqueness and imagination. Her jewellery and home-wares are intricate statement pieces that attract the eye with their swirling colours.

Her pieces are colourful, individual and a little bit eccentric, just like the designer.